Day 1 of 365

There’s a project that has been in my head for a while, and I think this is the perfect moment to start working on it.

As cliché and mainstream as it seems, I will write a post everyday for an entire year. I am aware of my writing skills, and I only want to get better. I know I am not the best, as there are tons of incredibly talented writers in this page, or even with the same idea as me.

Getting better, and learning new techniques is my only goal. So, if anybody ever reads any of my posts, feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions, no matter how harsh. 

Today, January 1st 2015, I have decided to push back my New Years goals. I believe the more eager you begin, the earlier you quit. Only a small percentage of the population actually stays constant in their goal achieving process for an entire month, while the rest give up at least two weeks later. This is not what I want.

My New Years resolutions are pretty basic, and just like everyone else’s.

  • Get in shape
  • Travel
  • Get better grades at school
  • Live in the moment
  • Change for myself
  • Stop bitting my nails
  • Stop being insecure
  • Stop caving in to anxiety
  • Be better
  • Be happier
  • Concerts
  • Meet new people
  • Change someone’s life
  • Be braver

Pretty simple stuff. However, just last week I bet my sister $10 our gym would be full today, and it was. That’s my entire point. People think because it’s a New Year, it’s a new life as well. When in fact, we’ve got that option every single day. One single decision can change our lives. We should never forget that. We’ve got 365 days in a year to achieve anything we like. Not only one.


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17 year old introvert. I tend to write a lot of words, listen to a wide variety of music, read several books, and think a great deal. Just learning. Just living. Just learning how to live.


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