Day 3 of 365

This didn’t post earlier for some reason. This is supposed to be yesterday’s post.

Today, January 3rd of 2015, I had a nice day.

My brother and I woke up at noon. My mother made us Mickey Mouse shaped waffles for a late breakfast. My sister and I played Wii for a couple of hours, and after a while, my brother joined us. I may, or may have not, chocked on air out of laughter, and extreme amusement.
For dinner, my grandmother, aunt, and cousins, decided to grace us with their presence. Right after they left, we watched a movie. “Jack Ryan” to be exact. God bless Chris Pine.

Anyways, it was my brother’s last day here. He only came home for the holidays. He lives in Phoenix, where he works in something he loves, and is now building a life of his own.

As hard as it is, I have now grown accustomed to seeing him only a couple of times a year. And even if I wish he’d be around more often, he is old enough to live by himself. Sometimes you need to let things take their natural course, in order to obtain a bigger benefit. His happiness is my benefit.
I love him very much, and I hope nothing, but the best for him. He deserves it.




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17 year old introvert. I tend to write a lot of words, listen to a wide variety of music, read several books, and think a great deal. Just learning. Just living. Just learning how to live.


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