Day 6 of 365

Yesterday, January 6th of 2015, I learned about the importance of health.

Your mental health can affect your physical health, and vice versa.

Early in the morning, my mom and I took my sister to a neurologist for a brain test. She explained everything to us, about how all of these different factors affect my sister’s attitude and way of being.
Apparently, her brain sometimes sends the wrong signals, at the wrong times, to her body. This leads to her loosing control over her emotions, and later results on huge depression issues- and even suicidal thoughts.

Apart from that, though, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, thus resulting in other problems far too complex for me to explain.

She took it in well all the new information, and then we all proceeded to buy more medicines for her to add to the list.

After, my mom went to work, and my sister and I took a walk around town. We talked, relaxed, bought some snacks, and that’s it.

When we had returned home, we both began feeling ill a couple of hours later. We both went to bed early, and at midnight I woke up with super high fever, and incredibly strong restlessness. It was awful. My parents nursed me the entire night, and then I finally was able to fall asleep.


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17 year old introvert. I tend to write a lot of words, listen to a wide variety of music, read several books, and think a great deal. Just learning. Just living. Just learning how to live.


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