Day 7 of 365

Today, January 7th of 2015, I rested.

I was ill. I had high fever, and burning red skin.

After my parents had taken care of me, I slept in their bed. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a mother’s touch.
She held my hand and ran her fingers through my hair, until I was able to stop shaking and fall asleep peacefully.

She woke me up a little before noon, because she had to go to work, and ushered me to eat some breakfast. I did. Because she told me to.

I stayed in bed all day long. I watched 4 episodes of “Awkward” with my sister, until she fell asleep. I then proceeded to watch Disney Channel’s “How to Build a Better Boy”- which I’m not impressed with, by the way.
A couple of episodes of “Girl Meets World”-which I love, and the new show’s Pilot “KC Under Cover”- Not bad, but I’m hoping it will get better.

Ate a sandwich.

Watched “New Girl”.

Here I am now.


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17 year old introvert. I tend to write a lot of words, listen to a wide variety of music, read several books, and think a great deal. Just learning. Just living. Just learning how to live.


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