Day 19 of 365; ריק

My excuse for going MIA the last 11 days. A lot has been going on, and posting wasn’t one of my top priorities, to be honest. I wrote this a couple of days ago, on a notebook paper at school, so please consider the emotional part of it.                                                                 Without further ado, I hope you enjoy.

“ריק is my emotional state.

Yet empty is not my soul.

Everybody steps and stomps

with their pointy heels, and 

heavy boots. They try to pull out

the chair next to mine without

realising I’m pleased eating on

my own.

ריק is my life, with no type

of purpose to fulfil it with.

So restless, as the featherless

pillow I rest my head on every night.

ריק is not my mind, for it

is as full as a plate of

chicken and gravy. 

The front porch- visible from

my back window. I can see

the flowers blooming without

growing, and the grass drowning

without water.

But my lips are parched, and

my eyebrows just plucked.

Then I  must mouth to your skin,

mine is just not the only one like

this. ריק again. Not that you

ever weren’t. I’m pointing out

the ריק threads and chords of

our puppet show.”


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17 year old introvert. I tend to write a lot of words, listen to a wide variety of music, read several books, and think a great deal. Just learning. Just living. Just learning how to live.


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