Day 4 of 365

Today, January 4th of 2015, nothing is going on.

After dropping off my brother at the airport at 3 in the morning, we came back home to sleep. I cried ‘till 4 am, because I missed him already. Insomnia hit me hard, and I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 6 in the morning. I woke up at noon. I feel nothing.

Perhaps, today is the day I’ll figure out how I’ll raise enough money to go to Paris with my sister, for a month. Summer is 6 months away, but I’m broke, so. Maybe I’ll set up my schedule, so I can continue going to French class.

I don’t know, today just seems uneventful.

..Should I make it eventful?


Day 2 of 365

Today, January 2nd of 2015, I was not feeling that great about myself. Between physical and psychological insecurities, it wasn’t the best combination. I dragged my feet through the floor, with no form of motivation whatsoever, the entire morning. It sucks. Believe me, I know. I had the chance to set up my dates to Driver’s ED, which I’ve been stoked for, for a while, and even then, I went with a long face.

On the car ride home, some of my favorite songs were playing on the radio. It definitely turned my day around. I love music, and nothing makes me as happy as singing along horribly to my top tunes.

I guess that’s the lesson of the day. Everybody has good and bad days, and nobody is going to force you to feel the opposite way. You make the change yourself. Even if it’s hard, you need to find the motivation to bring yourself up, cause nobody is going to do it for you.

My advise (if you want to take it) is, if you’re feeling blue: Take a deep breath, remember everything you need to be grateful for because we sometimes forget, get distracted with something that makes you happy or keeps you busy, and never concentrate on the bad things, or if you just need a good cry, you should. It’s healthy, and all of us need it at some point.

The key to days like this, is to never feel like you’re alone, because you’re not. We all go through the same feelings, just not the same situations. We need to remind ourselves of this every time we are feeling down.

This song, was one of the many that was playing earlier on the radio. It seemed to have fit the situation perfectly.